Apple cinnamon rice cakes

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Ingredients, makes 30:

· 1kg sushi or short grain rice

· 1L apple juice

· 1L water

· 2-2.5 tbsp brown sugar

· Dried apples or other fruit of choice to taste

· Pinch of salt

· Sprinkle of cinnamon


1. Rinse rice to remove starch. Cook the rice with the apple juice and water

2. Once cooked add brown sugar and salt and mix well.

3. Spread half the rice over 1-2 baking trays about 1 cm thick.

4. Sprinkle the dried fruit on top of the rice.

5. Spread the remainder of the rice on top to make 2 even layers. Sprinkle the cinnamon on top.

6. Cover with baking paper and press it down with another baking tray.

7. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, then cut to desired size, wrap in wrapping paper and they are ready to eat or freeze if not needed in the next 2-3 days.

Wrap cakes individually in tin foil for easy access.

(tips: 1 bidon of rice to 2 bidons of water; make the cakes with hot rice)

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