Poke Bowls

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Base ideas:

Sushi rice, cold; Brown rice, cold; Wild rice, cold; Quinoa, cold; Soba Noodles, warm; Rice Noodles; Leafy Greens; Zucchini noodles.


Sashimi grade tuna; Sashimi grade salmon; Sashimi grade kingfish; Firm tofu; Tinned tuna; Cooked prawns; Shredded chicken; Chickpeas; Tempeh; Crispy chicken.


Carrot and cucumber; Red or green onion; Shredded Chinese cabbage; Radish

Chilli; Beetroot; Pickled ginger; Kale and Spinach; Peas and Mung beans; Kimchi; Edamame beans; Snow peas; Avocado; Bean sprouts and Alfa alfa.


Fried shallots; Tamari almonds; Crushed nori sheets; Roasted peanuts; Toasted sesame seeds; Toasted coconut; Wasabi peas.


Sesame Ginger vinegarette: rice vinegar + tahini + soy sauce + sesame oil + grated ginger + garlic +brown sugar + EVOO

Matcha Dressing: Matcha + vegetable oil + brown rice vinegar + tamari + grated ginger

Soy dressing: Soy sauce + rice vinegar + sesame oil

Wasabi dressing: wasabi + soy sauce + lemon juice.


Choose fresh produce and ensure the rice is cold. Place the base in a bowl, add your chosen protein, add as many vegetables as you feel like. Drizzle some dressing and top with a bit of crunch.

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